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The magazine Who Cares delivers your message to 31,000 households in Hastings & Prince Edward for pennies per household!

A  business card sized ad will cost you less than one penny per household or $6.45 to reach 1,000 households. A full page, full-colour ad costs 3.2₵  per copy or $32 per 1,000 households in Hastings and Prince Edward Counties.

A business card sized ad costs less than 1₵ per household or
$6.45 per thousand households!

View our Who Cares Rate Card and show you care by helping family caregivers and those managing chronic disease find the information, products and services they need to lead the best life possible.

Improving health outcomes will require partnerships between individuals, governments and business to create opportunities for healthier communities. I hope you will demonstrate that you who care by supporting the magazine Who Cares in bringing important information to the communities we serve.

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