Bob Wludyka is a man who cares

Show you care by purchasing a ticket before October 17 to help support Hospice Quinte After a career with Canada Post spanning almost four decades, helping others seemed to be the natural choice for Bob Wludyka upon his retirement. “I wondered what I could do to make money […]


Every May, dietitians from Hastings Prince Edward Public Health find the lowest price for 67 basic food items at eight grocery stores across both counties. These items make up what is called the Nutritious Food Basket. The items included meet recommendations from Canada’s Food Guide and do not […]

photo of medical marijuana

Ethical Issues of Medical Marijuana

The biggest ethical controversies concerning medical marijuana are based upon two competing viewpoints: whether medical marijuana is truly a safe, effective medication which doctors should be recommending, or whether medical marijuana is indeed an effective legitimate medication which should be offered to more patients but is not because of the prejudice and stigma against marijuana.